Break out of your usual rou­tine and move your body in a dif­fer­ent way. This work­out mixes tra­di­tional yoga poses with strength-based move­ments us­ing hand weights

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IWHY This helps to ban­ish those bingo wings, as well as strengthen and tone the legs and butt. HOW Stand at the top of your mat and step your left foot back into a deep lunge. Bend your right knee so knee and an­kle are in line. Press firmly back into the left heel. Lean to­wards the front of your mat and broaden your col­lar­bones. Draw your navel to your spine. In­hale as you raise the weights for­wards to your shoul­ders, then ex­hale as you ex­tend your arms straight out be­hind you. This is 1 rep. WHY This strength­ens the core, butt and arms. HOW From war­rior II, rest your right fore­arm lightly on your right thigh. Press into the outer edge of your left foot and bring the left weight to meet the right. In­hale your left arm to the left wall and then up tor­wards the ceil­ing. Ex­hale as you slowly lower the left arm back out to the left wall and in to re­con­nect the left weight with the right. This is 1 rep. WHY This tones the arms, shoul­ders, abs and butt. HOW From your lunge, ground down into the outer edge of your left foot and line up your right heel with the arch of your left foot. Press into both feet and ac­ti­vate the legs. Ex­tend your arms at shoul­der-height, knuck­les fac­ing up. Do 5 mini cir­cles in one di­rec­tion, then 5 in the other di­rec­tion. This is 1 rep.

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