Our legs and hips carry us around all day and can be where we store neg­a­tive emo­tions. This se­quence will tone your legs, ease ten­sion in your hips and lighten your load a lit­tle

Sunday Mail - Body and Soul - - YOGA GURU -

WHY This stretches the chest, shoul­ders, hip flex­ors and ab­domen. HOW From down­ward-fac­ing dog, look for­wards and step your right foot be­tween your hands, let­ting your left knee drop to the floor. Lift your arms over your head, shoul­der-dis­tance apart, palms in. Re­lax your shoul­ders down your back. If it feels OK on your lower back, tuck your tail­bone and ease your hips to­wards the floor. Hold for 10 breaths. Re­peat on the other side in cir­cuit 2. WHY This stretches the in­ner thighs, tones the legs and builds core strength. HOW From the half hanu­man, place the right foot on the floor and turn to your left, mov­ing into a lunge on your left side with all toes fac­ing the side of the mat. En­sure your left knee and an­kle are in line and your right toes are off the floor. Hold for 3 breaths, then walk your hands from your left foot to the right as you lunge into the right, peel­ing your left toes off the floor. Get a feel for mov­ing be­tween the sides, then take your hands away and use the strength of your core and legs. Con­tinue for 10 breaths, fin­ish­ing on the right. In cir­cuit 2, start on the right side and fin­ish on the left.

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