• Medicine dicine ball (4kg, 6kg or 9kg) • 1 min­u­teute of sit-upp sit-up to strad­dle­dle (part (part­nerer 1) • 1-minute plank (part­ner 2) • Moun­tain jumpers • Push-up hand clap • Sit-up medicine ball pass • Rest for 30 sec­onds af­ter you’ve done rounds of 9

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There here are two parts to this work­out: part art 1, in which you u al­ter­nate ex­er­cises, er­cises, then­the then part 2, in n which you do a “de­scend­ing es­cend­ingg lad­der” where ere you bothb both do the same moove move at the he same time. Do 5 rounds of this 1-minute nute wor work­out, rk­out, al­ter­nat­ing nat­ing ex ex­er­cis­esx­er­cises for each ach round d of: Do a 10-1 lad­der er of the fol­low­ing ex­er­cises (10 reps ps of each ex­er­cise,e, then 9 of each, then 8, all the way down wn to 1), us­ing a 4kg g medicine ball. Use ea a 6kg medici­needic ine ball. Use ea a 9kg medici­needic ine ball. These are bril­liant for build­ing a stronger core and for burn­ing off some of that high-calo­rie win­ter com­fort food. SET-UP As­sume a push-up ready po­si­tion; hands di­rectly un­der your shoul­ders and propped up on your toes, feet slight­ly­htl slight­lyli apart.t EX­E­CU­TION Jump both feet up to­wards your chest, then kick your feet back to the start po­si­tion. Try to stay in time with your part­ner. This is 1 rep. Push-ups tar­get lots of mus­cle groups, in­clud­ing the chest, arms and core. The clap adds bal­ance­bal­anc con­trol. SET-UP Both as­sume a push-up ready po­si­tion fac­ing each other. (You can also drop to your knees.) EX­E­CU­TION Lower your chest to the ground in time, then try to push the ground away from you as you drive back up.up Take yo your weight onto your left hand and clap your right hands to­gether. This is 1 rep. With each rep al­ter­nate hands for the clap.p Breathe in as you de­scend and out as you push up. EX­E­CU­TION Lie back un­til your shoul­ders touch the floor and your hands reach above your head to the floor. Tighten your core and sit back up, then con­tinue for­ward as far as you You’ll have to work hard in this one to stay in time with each other. It will tar­get your mid mid-sec­tion sec­tion and help tighten it up. SET-UUP SET-UP Sit fac­ingg fac­ing each other, one per­son’s pper­son’s feet in­side innside and the ot­ther’sother’s on the out­side (pic­tured). One per­son holds the medicine ball above their head as you both lie down. EX­E­CU­TION Sit up to­gether, pass the ball from one to the other at the top, then both lower back to the start po­si­tion. This is 1 rep.

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