• 1 x stop­watch • 1 x bar­bell (see be­low) • 5 x bar­bell strict presses • 200m run • 7 x push-ups • 10 x thrusters

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Do 3 rounds, try­ing to beat your time in each round and us­ing a 10kg (15kg for men) bar­bell for the press and thrusters, of the fol­low­ing: Do 4 rounds with a 15kg (25kg for men) bar­bell (or a 20kg Olympic bar­bell, pic­tured), and do 9 x presses, 12 x push-ups, 15 x thrusters and a 400m run. Do 5 rounds of the same reps as in­ter­me­di­ate, but us­ing a 25kg (35kg for men) bar­bell. This ex­er­cise also tar­gets your legs, butt and up­per body. It will help build some se­ri­ous ex­plo­sive power, too. SET-UP Like the bar­bell strict press, start with the bar in the rack po­si­tion, el­bows point­ing for­wards. EX­E­CU­TION Kick your hips back and lower your­self down into a squat. Re­mem­ber to keep your core braced tight. Then drive your heels into the floor and stand up. Keep the mo­men­tum go­ing as you push the bar up over your head. Then lower the bar back to the rack po­si­tion. This is 1 rep.

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