“My hayfever turned into adult on­set asthma”

Teresa Castel­vetere, 57, en­dured years of lin­ger­ing chest in­fec­tions, coughs and colds be­fore dis­cov­er­ing the real cause. She shares her story with Sarah Mari­nos

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“Ayear af­ter I re­turned with my fam­ily to live in Aus­tralia from the UK, I de­vel­oped hay fever at age 41. I’d never had it be­fore and I thought it was just a bad cold but it got worse and worse.

I suf­fered in spring when the flow­ers were out and when it was damp and cold. My doc­tor pre­scribed a steroid nasal spray, which is used to treat con­ges­tion and sneez­ing, and I found my­self tak­ing that for most of the year.

I had lots of episodes of up­per res­pi­ra­tory tract in­fec­tions and when­ever I got a cold, it went straight to my chest. I’d have a bad runny nose and some­times it would dry up and get blocked so at night it would be hard to breathe. There would be a lot of sneez­ing and cough­ing. Friends would com­ment on how much I was cough­ing, or would say my voice on the phone sounded very nasal. But you get used to so much. It be­came nor­mal for me and I just car­ried on but I now re­alise I was tired a lot.

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