• 10 x band sumo dead­lift high pulls • 200m run • 10 x band thrusters • 200m run • 10 x over­head squats • 200m run • 10 x band as­sisted push-ups

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If you find push-ups chal­leng­ing, this version will help you get stronger at them. SET-UP Loop the band around both arms just above the el­bows so it’s taught across your chest when your hands are shoul­der-width apart. Lower to a push-up po­si­tion on your toes (be­gin­ners can use your knees in­stead), Com­plete 5 rounds of the fol­low­ing: hands be­low shoul­ders and core tight. EX­E­CU­TION Bend your el­bows to lower your body down, chest to the floor or as close as you can go. The band will of­fer some as­sis­tance by hold­ing your body­weight up a lit­tle. Push your hands into the ground as you drive your body back up to the start­ing po­si­tion. This is 1 rep.

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