Stranded by traf­fic chaos


ARE there a bunch of bu­reau­crats hav­ing a laugh at all us com­muters caught up ev­ery day this week in the traf­fic chaos in the city?

I mean, what id­iot in their right mind would have road­works for the tram­line on North Tce in peak hour?

Surely this could be done at night – like what’s hap­pen­ing with the Dar­ling­ton road­works – to avoid the huge grid­lock?

I usu­ally catch a train but my ser­vice is not run­ning be­cause of ... wait for it ... road­works for the un­der­pass at Bow­den.

So, like hun­dreds of oth­ers, I’m catch­ing the bus. And, like hun­dreds of oth­ers, I’ve been get­ting off and walk­ing the last kilo­me­tre or so to work be­cause the traf­fiic is at a stand­still.

To top it all off, a gov­ern­ment rep­re­sen­ta­tive said on ra­dio that work­ers com­ing into the city should avoid North Tce.

What’s the al­ter­na­tive? Hack­ney Rd which was al­ready a go-slow zone be­cause of the O-Bahn tun­nel works and is now slower than snail’s pace?

Jay Weather­ill and his pub­lic ser­vice lack­ies have no idea. E. THOM­SON Chel­tenham

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