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BIRTH­DAY par­ties and pic­nics at the new na­ture play­ground at Mo­ri­alta Con­ser­va­tion Park, Wood­forde, are lots of fun.

But what’s rather less fun is all the rub­bish peo­ple are leav­ing be­hind.

Our fam­ily did a clean-up on Sun­day and found so many straws and straw sleeves from juice boxes, burst bal­loons, lolly wrap­pers and plas­tic cut­lery – some in or very near the creek’s edge. Plas­tic can end up in the ocean, killing sea crea­tures.

If you Google “zero waste birth­day party” or “zero waste pic­nic” you’ll find loads of ways that al­low you to have a fun day with­out leav­ing trash. LISA MOR­RI­SON Rostrevor

This isn’t the only sub­urb in the flight path. When the planes fly over my daugh­ter’s house in The­bar­ton, they are so low that you can al­most touch them with a stick.

The 11pm-6am cur­few does not pre­vent planes from us­ing the air­port – all it means is that when they do out of cur­few hours, they pay a fine. That money is kept by the gov­ern­ment.

The peo­ple liv­ing along the flight path get noth­ing for be­ing wo­ken in the early hours of the morn­ing.

As for Bar­ton Tce, it is one of only two streets in North Ade­laide which have been closed to as­sist in res­i­den­tial amenity. Neigh­bour­ing Bow­den has nu­mer­ous streets closed for the same rea­son, which has been done with­out any crit­i­cism.

To open Bar­ton Tce would dra­mat­i­cally in­crease the flow of traf­fic along Hill St, cre­at­ing a safety risk to hun­dreds of

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