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The Twi­light saga has sent Peter Facinelli’s ca­reer into the strato­sphere but in a par­al­lel uni­verse he’s play­ing a some­what younger, less- to­gether doc­tor than Carlisle Cullen. As the face of All Saints’ mar­ket­ing cam­paign (‘‘ If Looks Could Cure’’) on N

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Q. For some­one so smart, Coop’s a tiny bit dumb, isn’t he? A. Well, he’s so­cially in­ept is his prob­lem. And he has a lot of is­sues. I’d like to see him in ther­apy. Q. He doesn’t seem very self-aware. A. He’s com­pletely clue­less. I liken him to a puppy dog in a room full of peo­ple who hate dogs. He’s al­ways jump­ing up on them, want­ing to be liked and they’re al­ways kick­ing him away and he doesn’t un­der­stand why. You can’t not like him. I mean, you can? But he sort of grows on you. Peo­ple ask me, ‘‘ Would you want Coop to treat you?’’, and I say it de­pends on what day of the week it is. He could ei­ther cure you of cancer on a Mon­day or, on a Wed­nes­day, he’ll kill you with an ear in­fec­tion. Q. How weird, be­ing part of Twi­light and then this lit­tle cool show not a lot of peo­ple know about. A. I’m so for­tu­nate to have both. I love be­ing able to do this big fran­chise that has a lot of fans. They love the books and I love be­ing able to do this quirky half-hour. And it’s a niche show and the peo­ple who watch it, they get it. Hey, I’m com­ing to Aus­tralia for the first time. There’s some kind of au­to­graph sign­ing, Syd­ney and Mel­bourne. It’s like a two-day event. Q. That’d be a Twi­light thing? A. Yeah, but I won’t turn Nurse Jackie fans away.

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