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He plenty let The more Hob­bit mon­sters go, but in the there sea, are writes Neala John­son Q: A: I’m What’s work­ing keep­ing on Pa­cific you busy? Rim for Warner. DreamWorks We just re­leased and Kung I’m work­ing Fu Panda on 2 Puss at In

Boots pro­duc­ing and movies The Guardians for first-with time them. direc­tors, I’m writ­ing and de­vel­op­ing the fi­nal TV. part Things of The like Strain that nov­els [ laughs]. Q: for You a few haven’t years, ac­tu­ally is that cor­rect? di­rected a film

and A: At I The left The Moun­tains Hob­bit , Of so Mad­ness . . . I al­ways fell knew away Moun­tains was a dif­fi­cult pro­ject to get through. I was sur­prised, I was shocked, but ul­ti­mately I’ve got to just look ahead. Q: You were plan­ning to di­rect At The

Moun­tains Of Mad­ness with James Cameron as pro­ducer. Is it hard to get some­thing through? A: When it’s a $ 150 mil­lion, R-rated hor­ror movie, yes. I can get a cer­tain num­ber of movies made very quickly at a cer­tain bud­get, but once you go past $ 100 mil­lion you have to not take any­thing for granted. Q: When Uni­ver­sal de­clined to fi­nance the movie, you were ex­pect­ing it, right? A: Well, you know, I felt hav­ing Tom Cruise in­ter­ested in do­ing it and Jim Cameron pro­duc­ing it, et cetera, et cetera, that was a very re­as­sur­ing pack­age. But I’ll get it made one way or an­other. Q: Do you get equal sat­is­fac­tion out of help­ing get a film such as Ju­lia’s Eyes made as you do mak­ing your own movie? A: Yes, 100 per cent. One of the rea­sons I love to pro­duce for younger direc­tors is it’s al­most like an in­stant ful­fil­ment to be able to re­solve their prob­lems for them. It makes me feel I’m part of pay­ing it for­ward. Q: You prob­a­bly get pitched 100 ideas a

day. Why did Ju­lia’s Eyes grab you? A: It was a very fa­mil­iar genre, but it was very quirky and off-kil­ter. It was not the usual slasher movie. And the fact the cen­tral char­ac­ter was a woman made it very in­ter­est­ing for me. Q: Do you have your own col­lec­tion of mon­sters at home, just wait­ing for the right movie to emerge in?

A: I’ve been col­lect­ing fan­tasy, hor­ror and fairy­tales all my life. All those books, they are al­most like a seed­ing ground for cre­ation. I’m 46, and I know now that there are more sto­ries that I would like to have told than I will ever get to tell in my life­time. JU­LIA’S EYES Now show­ing State Cin­ema KUNG FU PANDA 2 Now show­ing Vil­lage Cin­e­mas

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