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BEAR­ING your soul in a song might be a fright­en­ing thought for some but for singer­song­writer Dal­las Green it’s the only way he can write a tune.

‘‘ I’ve al­ways found that the way I write a song, it’s al­ways been that cathar­tic process,’’ Green ( pic­tured) says.

‘‘ A lot of peo­ple tend to think that it must be dif­fi­cult for me to write like that but I’ve just al­ways been that way.’’

Green, who is set to re­lease his third solo al­bum un­der the moniker City and Colour, says song­writ­ing has al­ways been the way he has dealt with his is­sues.

‘‘ If there is some­thing in my life that I’ve felt strongly about or is mak­ing me feel that way then I would write about it,’’ he says.

‘‘ I’ve at­tempted to write ob­ser­va­tory songs or char­ac­ter­based songs, more like a story, say like Johnny Cash would write, but it just never works out for me. I end up stop­ping half way through, maybe feel­ing like I’m not good enough at that style or it just doesn’t feel right for me to write in that way.’’

The new City and Colour al­bum, Lit­tle Hell, is a show­case of those hon­est song­writ­ing skills. In it, Green’s sound moves away from the acous­tic punk of his first two ef­forts to bluesy rock. It is, how­ever, still a far cry from the Cana­dian’s other band, punkhard­core scream­ers Alex­ison­fire.

‘‘ I don’t know if I have ever re­ally gone into a record with a di­rect idea of what I want it to be,’’ Green says.

‘‘ The songs just sort of show them­selves and I don’t re­ally know where they come from or why they end up sound­ing the way they do; they just are.’’

Lit­tle Hell is the first City and Colour al­bum to be recorded and mixed to tape, pro­vid­ing a warm and in­ti­mate sound.

‘‘ I’ve never done it so I wanted to do that at least one time in my life to say that I recorded on tape,’’ Green says.

‘‘ I thought by record­ing on tape it would just take that one step fur­ther. To me it just sounds a lit­tle bet­ter, a lit­tle warmer, a lit­tle more nat­u­ral, a lit­tle more real as far as these songs are con­cerned.’’

Alex­ison­fire has for many years been a pop­u­lar tour­ing act in Aus­tralia and City and Colour has fol­lowed suit, sell­ing out ev­ery date on a tour in April.

Green hopes to re­turn Down Un­der as soon as pos­si­ble.

‘‘ If I have any­thing to say about it, I will def­i­nitely be back,’’ he says. ‘‘ It’s a fan­tas­tic ex­pe­ri­ence to go all the way into a place like Aus­tralia and have peo­ple as in­ter­ested as they are.’’

Lit­tle Hell ( Shock) out to­mor­row

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