Sleep­ing aid apps to try

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Breath­ing ex­er­cises:

Re­lax & Rest Guided Med­i­ta­tions of­fer a choice of breath, deep rest or whole bodyguided med­i­ta­tions for re­lax­ation. Sim­i­larly, Deep Breath­ing of­fers vis­ual cues for con­scious breath­ing.

Guided med­i­ta­tion:

Deep Sleep fea­tures self-help ex­pert Andrew John­son, who sounds a bit like Sean Con­nery, pro­vid­ing a guided med­i­ta­tion to help over­come in­som­nia and get to sleep.

Sleepy sounds:

Pz­izz Sleep helps you fall asleep, with a voice track or mu­sic tracks aid­ing re­lax­ation. Pure Sleep plays dif­fer­ent tones in each ear through head­phones to stim­u­late your brain to cer­tain fre­quen­cies for sleep. Na­tures­pace lulls you off with sound­tracks in­clud­ing a peace­ful Hawai­ian morn­ing sun­rise, a calm rain­for­est or a pow­er­ful thun­der­storm.

For ba­bies:

BabySleep plays sooth­ing sounds to in­duce sleep, in­clud­ing low-fre­quency womb sounds, wa­ter run­ning, gen­tle vac­u­um­ing, ocean waves, TV white noise, a tum­ble dryer and more.

Wake up re­freshed:

The Sleep­Cy­cle iPhone alarm clock is a ‘‘ bioalarm clock’’ that analy­ses your sleep pat­terns and wakes you when you are in the light­est sleep phase.

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