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SORRY Pixar, but your assem­bly line is show­ing.

As a long-time fan of Pixar Stu­dios, it re­ally pains me to say this: is, with­out doubt, the worst thing the com­puter an­i­ma­tion pow­er­house has ever put its name to.

Pixar has set tow­er­ingly high stan­dards over the years, with mod­ern-day clas­sics such as

and the tril­ogy. So to see it run with the car­toon­ing-by-num­bers pack for

rather than blaze a trail, comes as a big dis­ap­point­ment.

Sure, the film looks great. But Pixar could set a movie in a garbage dump and still daz­zle the eye­balls.

No, the thing about is that it all feels so des­per­ately rushed. There’s no real chance of con­nect­ing with the viewer when ev­ery­thing is whizzing by in a sto­ry­telling blur.

A wafer-thin plot sees cham­pion racer Light­ning McQueen ( voiced by Owen Wil­son) seek­ing some qual­ity time back in his home garage at Ra­di­a­tor Springs af­ter win­ning the Pis­ton Cup yet again.

How­ever, his break is swiftly in­ter­rupted when al­ter­na­tive-fuel ty­coon Miles Ax­el­rod ( Ed­die Iz­zard) an­nounces his spon­sor­ship of a lu­cra­tive new event.

In a mat­ter of days, Light­ning is revving his en­gine all over the globe in a bid to win the in­au­gu­ral World Grand Prix.

While the hero bat­tles it out on the track with his big­gest ri­val, the snooty Ital­ian speed­ster Francesco Bernoulli ( John Tur­turro), the prin­ci­pal fo­cus of the movie shifts to Light­ning’s loyal off­sider, Mater ( Larry the Cable Guy).

Por­trayed as a dumb hick prone to spout­ing corny jokes, this rust-bucket tow truck is way too an­noy­ing to carry the lion’s share of

Like Goofy in the Dis­ney car­toons of old, Mater is a sec­ondary char­ac­ter best taken in small doses.

Mater’s un­wit­ting in­volve­ment with in­ter­na­tional spies Finn McMis­sile and Hol­ley Shiftwell ( Michael Caine and Emily Mor­timer) does al­low Pixar to flex some of its fa­mous vis­ual mus­cle, shown off to im­pres­sive ef­fect in 3D.

How­ever, it just can­not be de­nied that too much of the movie put­ters along on auto-pilot – es­pe­cially when com­pared to the very funny and lively new Toy short,

screen­ing be­fore it. This is not to say is ever de­cid­edly aw­ful ( al­though the se­quence where Mater is seen rins­ing his rear sus­pen­sion in a Ja­panese toi­let comes mighty close).

Rather, it is just de­cep­tively av­er­age. Per­haps it’s more of an ex­cuse to se­duce shop­pers – the orig­i­nal has gen­er­ated a whop­ping $ US10 bil­lion in mer­chan­dise sales world­wide – than to wow au­di­ences.

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