Mighty avenger loses his spark

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SEA­SONED gamers will know all too well that there is a long tra­di­tion of box of­fice movie-to-game adap­ta­tions fail­ing dis­mally.

Rea­sons in­clude games be­ing rushed out too soon, only to be rid­dled with bugs or lack­ing any sign of re­ward­ing game­play.

Then there are ex­cep­tions to that rule, where a game man­ages to beat all the odds and amaze all the crit­ics and fans alike. is not that ex­cep­tion.

Rather than a di­rect car­bon copy of the movie’s story, the game serves as a pre­quel of sorts.

The head­strong Thor is led to be­lieve one of his friends is dead and is out to seek re­venge. Play­ing as Thor, you’ll fight through var­i­ous realms of Norse Mythol­ogy, though the fresh plot isn’t much chop and the cast of new char­ac­ters lacks any real ap­peal, even the dig­i­tal ver­sion of Aus­tralia’s own Chris Hemsworth.

Story aside, the over­all pre­sen­ta­tion also suffers from glitches, frame rate is­sues and clunky an­i­ma­tions. In short, gamers have come to ex­pect far more from new re­lease ti­tles these days.

The main ac­tion plays out as a stan­dard but­ton-bash­ing brawler. With over­sized sledge­ham­mer in hand, you take on foes and sum­mon magic through the forces of Odin.

Points are earned through com­bat and, ad­mit­tedly, tak­ing out an en­emy with an up­graded ham­mer or zap­ping them with bolts of light­ning can be pretty sat­is­fy­ing.

But when you fight battle af­ter battle with nearly iden­ti­cal en­e­mies, you quickly feel more like you’re play­ing Thor: God of Medi­ocrity.

To be fair, the game is playable and func­tional, but does lit­tle to rise above the crop of sim­i­lar ‘ Greek de­ity’ games.

For those will­ing to per­sist, there are sev­eral dif­fi­culty lev­els, plus col­lecta­bles scat­tered around the en­vi­ron­ments to seek out.

In the end, it’s tough to rec­om­mend the PlayS­ta­tion 3 ver­sion to any­one but fans of Thor.

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