Geeky mums and dads make par­ent­ing eas­ier.

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NEW to par­ent­ing? There’s an app for that.

Geeky mums and dads world­wide are down­load­ing apps to their phones in or­der to make par­ent­ing a lit­tle smoother.

Apps can track your baby’s feed­ing sched­ule, your fam­ily’s ill­nesses and your ex­er­cise regimes. They can keep your kids en­ter­tained and ed­u­cate them a lit­tle along the way.

Apps are mi­cro-soft­ware for pocket-com­put­ers and may be vi­tal tools in help­ing be­ing a busy par­ent to­day a lit­tle eas­ier to man­age.

But where smart­phones can sim­plify our lives, they can re­ally com­pli­cate them too. Want to lose that baby weight? There’s a ‘‘ Lose It!’’ app for that, in which you en­ter your weight-loss goal, es­tab­lish a daily calo­rie bud­get and then keep track of your daily food in­take and de­ter­mine how much you need to burn off through ex­er­cise.

Hav­ing trou­ble keep­ing a record of your breast-feed­ing rou­tine? ‘‘ Nurs­ing Tracker’’ is de­signed to make the fran­tic first days of breast­feed­ing a lit­tle more or­gan­ised, by record­ing when your baby last nursed, on which side, and for how long.

Not stressed enough about the daily dan­gers of the world for your bub? The ‘‘ Sex Of­fend­ers Search’’ app can help stress you fur­ther about the neigh­bour­hood you are liv­ing in.

Not busy enough dur­ing labour? Down­load the ‘‘ Con­trac­tion Timer’’ to track the time and du­ra­tion of each con­trac­tion with logs, graphs and charts.

But will you re­ally want to be deal­ing with your phone dur­ing labour?

Life may be eas­ier with­out all of these added com­mit­ments. There are some things in life that should be left to the ana­logue realm, lest we cre­ate even more com­pli­cated sched­ules.

Ul­ti­mately with par­ent­ing, it comes down to what works, causes the least stress, and keeps peo­ple happy and healthy ( there is no app for that).

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