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★★★■ YOUR com­mon sense may scream at you to turn it off be­fore it makes you stupid, but this techno sci/ fi thriller will sur­pris­ingly keep you in­ter­ested with its silly story about a strug­gling writer ( Bradley Cooper) who takes a drug that en­ables him to use 100 per cent of his brain which in turn lets him mas­ter any­thing that he puts his mind to, that is, un­til the side ef­fects start to re­ally kick in. Stylish stuff which is vis­ually in­ter­est­ing and pretty in­volv­ing too.

Ex­tras: ★★ A fea­turette on Cooper and his char­ac­ter, al­ter­nate end­ing and pretty good di­rec­tor’s com­men­tary.

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