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Which side are you on?

PC user: Older, square or right-lean­ing main­stream. Ac­tu­ally, ac­cord­ing to per­sonal com­puter sales world­wide, PC users make up 89 per cent of all users. Mac user: Young, self-sat­is­fied, left-lean­ing hip­sters. Not all of them, surely?

Video gamers: Over­weight, acne-rid­den males, liv­ing in their par­ents’ base­ments. Ac­tu­ally, all kinds of peo­ple play games.

Fe­male gamers: Over­weight, acne-rid­den fe­males, des­tined to grow old with their cats. Or thin, sexy nerd girls who play with boys. Ac­tu­ally, they’re as di­verse as male gamers.

Cos­play­ers: Over­weight, pim­ply Anime and Star Trek geeks who dress up as their heroes be­cause they have no life. Ac­tu­ally, Cos­play con­ven­tions at­tract all sorts of cos­tumes and role­play and of­fer gen­er­ous prize money.

Face­book user: Inane and com­plain­ing teen who’s ad­dicted to quizzes, chang­ing their re­la­tion­ship sta­tus and Far­mville. Ac­tu­ally, Face­book is the sec­ond-most pop­u­lar web­site in Aus­tralia, af­ter Google.

Twit­ter user: Opin­ion­ated chat­ter­box who thinks you care what they had for lunch. Ac­tu­ally, it’s new me­dia; there are per­sonal ac­counts, news sites get per­sonal, and in­ter­ac­tive TV is a new trend, as ev­i­denced by ABC’s # qanda.

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