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THIS perky docu-con­cert chron­i­cle of a re­cent tour by the young cast of the TV smash hit is strictly a fan­sonly af­fair.

Con­sid­er­ing the galaxy-wide pop­u­lar­ity of the em­brace-your-in­ner­star phe­nom­e­non, there is no real need to win over new re­cruits.

So the Gleek army will be more than happy to march upon cin­e­mas for the du­ra­tion of this slick flick’s two-week lim­ited run ( af­ter which it will only be a few sleeps un­til the DVD hits stores).

If you’ve ever seen other sim­i­lar pro­duc­tions mounted around the likes of Justin Bieber, Han­nah Mon­tana and The Jonas Brothers, you’ll recog­nise the rigid for­mat in play here.

A cou­ple of killer num­bers are chained to­gether ( Puck points his gee-tar at some Fat Blaine and The War­blers give it some bar­ber­shop on Rachel reigns supreme on

Then we cut to some hard­core trag­ics out­side the sta­dium – or maybe at home – to tell us what it’s like to be liv­ing in Glee land 24/ 7. And on and on it goes. Gwyneth Pal­trow drops by to do her Holly Hol­l­i­day thing. The dude in the wheel­chair does the Safety Dance.

San­tana and Mercedes turn up the heat with a blitz­ing vo­cal duel on

Quinn and Sam turn up the air-con with a cool, plinky lit­tle ren­di­tion of And on and on it goes. Ev­ery­one stays in char­ac­ter, which is kinda creepy af­ter a while. Ev­ery­thing bar the lead vo­cals sounds like over-pro­duced karaoke.

And the sav­ing grace for nonGleeks ev­ery­where, su­per-sad-sack Sue Sylvester ( Jane Lynch), is nowhere to be seen.

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