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AMER­I­CAN film­maker-cum-shameless-self­pro­moter Mor­gan Spur­lock is back with an­other one of his crock-umen­taries.

In Su­per Size Me, Spur­lock showed if you ate noth­ing but McDon­ald’s fast food for a month, you are bound to get porky. Who’d have ever thunk it?

In Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?, Spur­lock ( pic­tured) breath­lessly re­ported the de­spised head of al-Qa’ida was, at that time, still at large. Wow!

Now, in The Great­est Movie Ever Sold, Spur­lock can ex­clu­sively re­veal that paid prod­uct place­ment is alive and well in the en­ter­tain­ment busi­ness.

That’s right, folks. Most ob­jects clut­ter­ing up the frame in your favourite films and TV shows – the cars, the soft drinks, the fash­ion – are the re­sult of a con­trac­tual com­mer­cial agree­ment be­tween two con­sent­ing cor­po­ra­tions!

Has ev­ery­thing gone quiet all of a sud­den? No, it’s just the presses be­ing stopped – in the print­ing fa­cil­ity of Spur­lock’s mind.

Ar­guably the only novel idea that creeps into this in­fochal­lenged void is the rad­i­cal way in which Spur­lock funded The Great­est Movie Ever Sold.

In an in­trigu­ing, if you-can’t-beat’ em-be-just-like-’ em move, Spur­lock pimped his en­tire pro­duc­tion costs out to the high­est-bid­ding spon­sors.

With not a sin­gle brand of any note will­ing to chuck a buck his way, Spur­lock makes do by just mak­ing up stuff on the spot, with­out mak­ing a sin­gle point you should al­ready know, or could learn about af­ter five min­utes on Google.

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