When worlds col­lide

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IF YOU’RE go­ing to smoosh to­gether two gen­res for fun and profit, smoosh wisely.

For here we have con­clu­sive proof the clas­sic west­ern and wildly im­pro­vised science-fic­tion gen­res just don’t mix.

Cowboys & Aliens is such a dire de­ba­cle no one will dare try the combo ever again.

Dur­ing this pro­duc­tion’s lengthy ge­n­e­sis, it was ru­moured in ex­cess of a dozen screen­writ­ers took a shot at adapt­ing Scott Rosen­berg’s well­re­garded graphic novel. ( Six scribes scored a fi­nal writ­ing credit.)

Lit­tle won­der, then, that Cowboys & Aliens is tonally off through­out. Di­rec­tor Jon Favreau keeps hack­ing away at dull clumps of plot­ting that just will not break down in an or­derly fash­ion.

Ev­ery so of­ten he pan­ics and des­per­ately stirs up an ac­tion se­quence to buy him­self some more time. To no avail.

An A-list cast floun­ders as a re­sult of di­rect ex­po­sure to this D-grade ma­te­rial.

Daniel Craig ( pic­tured) plays an ex-out­law who has de­clared war on the slimy space mon­sters that killed his wife for or­gan-har­vest­ing pur­poses. He is joined by a dod­dery-look­ing

Har­ri­son Ford ( in­set) as a land baron who re­cently lost his good-fer-nuthin’ son ( Paul Dano) in sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances.

Olivia Wilde slinks about in the in­ter­ests of sup­ply­ing some 19th cen­tury eye candy.

Over­all, a dull, overblown and for­get­table far­rago.

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