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with JACK VID­GEN Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent was this kid’s fate, writes Cameron Adams

Q. and You your won de­but Aus­tralia’s al­bum was Got re­leased Tal­ent on on Au­gust Au­gust 2 19. That’s quick. A. We recorded it in three days. Peo­ple told me it takes months to record an al­bum. It took three days, but long hours. I was happy we didn’t have to push the re­lease date back. We could put it out there quickly. Q. Did you sign a record deal be­fore the AGT grand fi­nal? A. I was told they [ Sony] would love to sign me, but I didn’t speak to them un­til the day after I won. They have the op­tion to sign any­one in the show be­fore any­one else. The grand fi­nal was on a Tues­day, I started the al­bum on a Fri­day. Q. Were all the cov­ers your choices? A. They’re songs I’ve sung my whole life, sung in tal­ent quests, songs I’ve grown up with. Ex­cept Ce­line Dion’s Be­cause You Loved Me. I’d never done that. I did have the lyrics in front of me when I was singing that one. They are the diva songs I do love to sing. Q. Most of the cov­ers were hits by fe­males. A. That’s what my range is. There aren’t many male artists who have a high range like I do. I still haven’t gained the lower notes. It’s what I love to sing. I put the song in my own per­spec­tive and don’t worry about the boy or girl thing.

Q. Peo­ple are al­ready wor­ried about what will hap­pen when your voice breaks. At 14, are you pre­par­ing for pu­berty?

A. My voice has got­ten deeper and deeper al­ready. When I started the [ AGT] com­pe­ti­tion with my au­di­tion un­til now, I’ve gained al­most an oc­tave of a lower note – that’s eight notes – and I’ve kept all my higher regis­ter. It’s al­ready hap­pen­ing, but I don’t think it’ll be any ma­jor drop. I hope it’ll be a smooth tran­si­tion.

Q. Was your cover of Who’s Lov­ing You in­spired by the Jack­son 5 ver­sion? A. Def­i­nitely. I love soul mu­sic and gospel. I would love to make a Christ­mas al­bum with heaps of gospel songs. I’ve done Aretha Franklin’s Think. I love Aretha so much. Q. When you sing Mariah Carey’s Hero, who are you think­ing of? A. I think of my mum. I think about God in a lot of my songs be­cause I am a Chris­tian. There is a hero in ev­ery­one, as cheesy as that is. Q. One of the two orig­i­nal tracks you co-wrote, Fly, is ur­ban and mod­ern. A. I didn’t want to go down the bub­blegum pop route. I wanted to have a bit of ur­ban style in there and there’s a lit­tle bit of rap. Al­most rap. Q. Would you have ap­plied for The X Fac­tor if you didn’t do AGT? A. Pos­si­bly. Q. What are your plans for the $ 250,000 prize­money from Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent? A. I’ve put a fair bit away. But I want to have a bit of a splurge, get some good clothes. I want to give some to some of my family mem­bers. I’m go­ing to get Mum a car. But the money wasn’t that important to me. It’s an in­cred­i­ble thing – to have the ti­tle of winning Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent is some­thing you can’t buy.

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