Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - Television - with Sarah Wil­son DIANNE BUT­LER Eat Your­self Sexy Life­style You, Thurs­day, 8.30pm

Eat Your­self Sexy fea­tures eight Aussie women, all want­ing to like them­selves again, a team of ex­perts to help the trans­for­ma­tion and Sarah Wil­son – jour­nal­ist, blog­ger, me­dia all-rounder and host of the first, best, se­ries of MasterChef – to guide them through.

Q. Where did you find these women? A. Iron­i­cally enough, it was through gyms and health clubs and var­i­ous diet or­gan­i­sa­tions. It was women who were strug­gling, yet want­ing to change their lives. They rep­re­sented the av­er­age Aus­tralian in so many ways. Q. How did you get them to be so open? Some talk about not sleep­ing with hus­bands.

A. We’ve filmed them in their homes. This is them in their lives, us try­ing to make changes that are ac­ces­si­ble to them and their fam­i­lies once we leave. We were in their homes, they were com­fort­able, it was real. And I think any­one watch­ing it will go, ‘‘ That’s my fear. I’ve felt ex­actly that be­fore’’. Q. Some seem to have put on weight quite quickly. A. Lisa was only 27 or 28 and she put on 20kg in six months. This is the cru­cial stage in ev­ery woman’s life when hor­mones, life­style, chil­dren, that kind of thing, all con­verge. And if you can’t get your act to­gether at that age, it be­comes re­ally, re­ally dif­fi­cult. And that’s what I think was at the back of all these women’s minds. Their fear wasn’t just for them­selves. It was for their chil­dren and their hus­bands. Q. But you’ve never been like that. Look at you. A. Oh gosh no! I’ve strug­gled with my food addictions and my en­ergy lev­els. When I was in mag­a­zines . . . I was stressed to the hilt, I was un­der­weight, and since then I’m 10kg heav­ier. I’m health­ier now. Q. Will men want to watch? A. Yeah, def­i­nitely. The hus­bands in the show, they’re part of the plot. If they’re watch­ing it with their girl­friends or their wives, they’ll go, ‘‘ Yeah, this is what she’s go­ing through’’.

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