Men be­hav­ing badly

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Reynolds). Dave is mar­ried with kids, has a great job and is there­fore mis­er­able as.

Mitch is sin­gle with ladies booty-call­ing him on a nightly ba­sis, has no real job and is there­fore slightly less mis­er­able.

Late one evening, Dave and Mitch take a wee in a foun­tain. Not any old foun­tain, mind you, a magic foun­tain. The next morn­ing, Dave is Mitch and Mitch is Dave.

The old Dave, who is now trapped in­side Mitch, is wor­ried the new Dave, who is re­ally Mitch, will take his mis­er­able life some­where even worse than it was be­fore.

As for the vice-versa sce­nario, Mitchin­side-Dave finds it sort of suits him. If he can make it through a day pre­tend­ing he’s a high-pow­ered lawyer like the orig­i­nal Dave, he might get to sleep with his best friend’s wife ( Les­lie Mann).

Make no mis­take, this ma­te­rial is so lame not even a com­edy duo at the height of its pow­ers would be able to make it zing. What com­pounds the spu­ri­ous out­comes for most of the smutty set-up is the knowl­edge that nei­ther Bate­man nor Reynolds ( pic­tured) brought their A-game to the movie.

At best, the stars’ re­spec­tive B-games rarely com­bine to laugh-out-loud ef­fect.

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