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Stars: Craig Fair­brass, Danny Dyer

Di­rec­tor: Mark Mc­Queen

Avail­able: Now

on DVD

A life­style drug causes all man­ner of headaches for the Brits in this low­bud­get hor­ror when the test pa­tients of the per­for­mance-boost­ing sup­ple­ment are turned into ag­ile zom­bie types ( some even pro­fi­cient in park­our). With the coun­try go­ing to hell in a hand­bas­ket, a se­cu­rity ex­pert is brought in to find the only pa­tient who hasn’t been af­fected to try to find some an­swers. A poor dis­tant cousin of

28 Days Later, this has the bones of a rea­son­able hor­ror but sadly the rest is made up of lit­tle more than genre cliches.

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