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THERE’S no deny­ing the Nin­tendo 3DS hand­held con­sole has had a lessthan-stel­lar start since its launch in March. Hope­fully a re­cent price cut, and the prom­ise of new games on the hori­zon, will spark fresh in­ter­est.

Draw­ing from its es­teemed back cat­a­logue, Nin­tendo has re­cently re­vived a game that was a hit on the N64 con­sole in 1997 – the new Star Fox 64 3D.

Rather than at­tempt­ing to re­jig the retro game­play, Nin­tendo has been wise to stay faith­ful to the orig­i­nal. While the game­play and story re­main un­spoilt, al­most every­thing else has been re­vamped – and for the bet­ter.

Nat­u­rally the vi­su­als have seen a huge im­prove­ment, with ev­ery level re­mod­elled in crisp, high de­tail and the spe­cial ef­fects are real high­lights in some of the lev­els.

Fans of the orig­i­nal will be pleased to hear the stir­ring sound­track has also been given a modern touch and even some of the orig­i­nal voice ac­tors have re­turned.

Sim­i­lar to pre­vi­ous 3DS games, play­ers have the op­tion of pi­lot­ing Fox Mc­Cloud’s space­ship by phys­i­cally tilt­ing the con­sole from side to side, up and down. This uses the con­sole’s built-in gy­ro­scope.

While it’s a novel fea­ture that works to some de­gree, it isn’t quite as pre­cise as steer­ing us­ing con­trols. And mov­ing the con­sole around tends to mess with the 3D vis­ual ef­fect be­cause this is best viewed from di­rectly in front of the screen.

Aside from the un­touched main story cam­paign, there are three new mul­ti­player modes fea­tur­ing new lev­els and power-ups to make use of in com­bat. These modes don’t of­fer much in the way of va­ri­ety, just the stan­dard all-out fire­fights. One nice touch is that only one per­son needs to own the game and up to three other 3DS own­ers in the same room can wire­lessly link in and take part in these modes. But play­ing with friends over the in­ter­net isn’t sup­ported.

The re­turn of Fox Mc­Cloud in all his orig­i­nal glory is sure to de­light fans.

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