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WHEN Steve Carell stares into the face of mis­for­tune he looks like a rac­coon caught in the head­lights.

As Cal in Crazy, Stupid, Love, it’s the end of his mar­riage that he can’t be­lieve is rush­ing to­wards him. His wife Emily ( Julianne Moore) breaks the news to him over a restau­rant din­ner: she’s been un­faith­ful with an ac­coun­tant at her work­place, David Lind­ha­gen ( Kevin Ba­con). Now, af­ter 25 years of mar­riage, she wants a di­vorce.

Cal looks for so­lace in the bot­tom of a cock­tail glass and be­gins fre­quent­ing a bar where the other pa­trons wisely avoid him. Then one evening a young lothario, Ja­cob ( Ryan Gosling), takes pity on him and vol­un­teers to help him to smarten up, pick up women, and win back his self-es­teem.

Ja­cob, a cham­pion skirt-chaser, em­ploys all those tech­niques that are sup­posed to work in fool­ing women into bed, but he has one tal­ent Cal can never learn – just be­ing un­fea­si­bly gor­geous.

Even a smart, young lawyer like Hanna ( Emma Stone) is stunned by Ja­cob, even though she knows he’s just a player.

There’s also an amus­ing sub­plot in­volv­ing Cal’s 13-year-old son Rob­bie ( Jonah Bobo), who is con­vinced his 17-year-old babysit­ter, Jes­sica ( Analeigh Tip­ton), is his soul­mate. Jes­sica, lanky and awk­ward her­self, is just em­bar­rassed by Rob­bie’s at­ten­tions. She’s more in­ter­ested in the kid’s fa­ther and, in his pres­ence, gives off more sig­nals than a traf­fic cop.

This is a com­edy that ben­e­fits from the pres­ence of two great ac­tors more of­ten seen in deadly se­ri­ous ma­te­rial. Gosling com­pels as a seducer the same way he com­pels as an ac­tor: he’s al­ways in com­plete con­trol.

Moore, mean­while, is so gifted at con­vey­ing deep emo­tional suf­fer­ing that her jokes take us by sur­prise. But it’s rapidly ris­ing star Stone ( Easy A, The Help ) who steals the film with her tim­ing.

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