Every­thing Must Go

( M) ★★★ ■

Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - Dvds - Stars: Will Fer­rell, Re­becca Hall Di­rec­tor: Dan Rush Avail­able: Now on DVD and BD

Co­me­dian Will Fer­rell has threat­ened to be­come a real ac­tor from time to time. In this drama about tak­ing stock of your life, he’s at it again. He stars as an al­co­holic sales­man who gets fired from his job only to re­turn home to find his wife has left him and dumped all his pos­ses­sions on the front lawn. Drunk and fed up, he takes the op­por­tu­nity to have a yard sale to help clear his yard and his mind. An appropriately re­strained per­for­mance from Fer­rell car­ries this piece and it sits well within the in­ti­mate, min­i­mal story.

Ex­tras: ½ The­atri­cal trailer.

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