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WHILE he may be the God of Thun­der, Mar­vel’s Thor is strictly sec­ond string when it comes to the su­per-hero uni­verse and the movie adap­ta­tions of the big comic-book boys. This adap­ta­tion takes place on earth and in the heav­ens when an ar­ro­gant war­rior, Thor ( Chris Hemsworth), is cast out of his other­worldly realm by his fa­ther ( An­thony Hop­kins) and ban­ished to earth. He falls in love while wait­ing to re­gain his pow­ers so he can re­turn home. Part ori­gin story, part tie-in for the up­com­ing Avengers flick, Thor de­liv­ers on the ac­tion and ef­fects and works best when it’s not tak­ing it­self too se­ri­ously, but for all the flash and fight scene fer­vour, there is a dis­tinct lack of wow to it all. Ex­tras ( BD): ★ ★ ★ ½ Di­rec­tor Ken­neth Branagh talks artis­tic de­ci­sions, cast­ing, story and de­vel­op­ment busi­ness in the au­dio commentary and he also con­trib­utes chat­ter – which is op­tional – on the se­lec­tion of deleted scenes. There’s also a hand­ful of fea­turettes on cast­ing, de­sign and the like, a short film plus a look at the up­com­ing Avengers film, which will likely get the fan­boys all a flut­ter.

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