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Peter Krause is thor­oughly en­joy­ing play­ing Adam Braver­man in the hit TV se­ries Par­ent­hood. Adam is the old­est of the Braver­man kids, he’s the one his sib­lings turn to when they need ad­vice, and for the most part, he’s also con­fi­dent and in con­trol in his role as a hus­band and dad. Not only is Krause rel­ish­ing the civilised hours his new role af­fords, writes Holly Byrnes, but he’s also ap­pre­ci­at­ing the way it’s chal­lenged the way he par­ents in his own life.

Q. You have some pretty fam­ily-friendly hours on this pro­duc­tion, by Hol­ly­wood stan­dards. What is a typ­i­cal day?

A. I’d say 10 to 12 hours. Five or six times we’ve gone over 12, when we’re on lo­ca­tion. I don’t think we had a day on Six Feet Un­der that wasn’t un­der 12 hours. Dirty Sexy Money we had 18 to 20-hour days. This show is very live­able, I get to spend 2 ½ days with my son. Q. Has play­ing Adam, who is a con­sci­en­tious dad, changed the way you par­ent? A. It has. I’m a more fo­cused par­ent, a bet­ter par­ent. You can love your kids more, you can love your par­ents more, you can have that con­ver­sa­tion. Q. That’s not to say Adam is a per­fect par­ent. Do you like that he fails some­times? A. There are mo­ments when I read the script and go: ‘ Wow, we’re go­ing to do that?’ Then I think about our own frailty, when we don’t de­liver and I think it’s good to demon­strate that. This is a safe place to ex­plore these is­sues. Q. Play­ing the fa­ther of a son with Asperger’s comes with a re­spon­si­bil­ity and has helped im­prove un­der­stand­ing of autism.

A. I’ve learnt a lot about it and feel a sense of re­spon­si­bil­ity to a point. I’ve got­ten more re­sponse from this show from fam­ily and friends than I have from any other I’ve done. Q. A lot of the more dif­fi­cult mo­ments are faced with humour, but strik­ing that bal­ance of tragedy and com­edy can’t be easy? A. That’s the kind of pro­gram I like to watch. Make me laugh, make me feel. If you can sen­si­tise your au­di­ences to the emo­tional riches of fam­ily life you’re do­ing some­thing good. Q. Do you en­joy do­ing com­edy? A. When I first read the script for Par­ent­hood I told them I was happy to get my Dick Van Dyke on. So they wrote some stuff be­cause of that com­ment, like danc­ing like an id­iot. Q. How did you over­come the con­fu­sion be­tween the film and the TV se­ries? A. We were a cou­ple of episodes in when I felt we had enough of the feel­ing of that film that there was a bridge there and then we got it off our back.


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