Earth- shat­ter­ing ac­tion aplenty

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YES it’s big, yes it’s dumb, yes Michael Bay lacks sub­tlety, but be damned if this third in­stal­ment in the ro­bots- tove­hi­cles- and- back- again fran­chise doesn’t blow your socks off ( along with al­most every­thing else too) on a purely mind­less block­buster front. It’s a quin­tes­sen­tial ef­fects flick and an all­style, no- sub­stance shoot ’ em- up, which again fea­tures bud- to- the- bots hero Sam Witwicky ( Shia Labeouf). He again comes to the aid of the Au­to­bots when their war with the De­cep­ti­cons over a crashed space­ship on the moon – which con­tains a piece of tech that can re­new their home planet – threat­ens to de­stroy the Earth. At this point of the se­ries you’re ei­ther all the way in or all the way out and those who are in will get what they like – ac­tion, ac­tion, ac­tion. It’s re­lent­less, fran­tic and with a third act that’s ex­haus­tive to the point of overkill. Ex­tras: Noth­ing on the stan­dard DVD re­lease, which is not a big sur­prise con­sid­er­ing it’s only one disc and the movie is such a lengthy vis­ual and au­dio feast. But noth­ing on the Blu- ray re­lease ei­ther . . . c’mon! Fail. N/ A

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