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How to avoid bill shock pit­falls.

YOU may feel pretty smart whip­ping out your mo­bile phone to google an an­swer to ev­ery ques­tion that pops up in con­ver­sa­tion, but you won’t be feel­ing so smart when your smart­phone bill ar­rives, un­less you know what you’re in for.

Now that we are free to ac­cess the in­ter­net, check email, in­ter­act on so­cial me­dia, lo­cate our friends, look up maps, check- in to cafes, play online games and send mes­sages any­where we go, it pays to find out what re­stric­tions ex­ist.

Re­mem­ber that smart­phones are mini- com­put­ers just like big com­put­ers and they’ve got all the same prob­lems as big com­put­ers such as data lim­its, down­load­able viruses and more.

And just like on any other com­puter, it pays to be aware of the risks, par­tic­u­larly if you can’t af­ford a $ 1000 phone bill this month.

If you don’t know what your mo­bile in­ter­net plan al­lows, you’d bet­ter find out.

While your phone can go online, you may not even be on a plan that al­lows for pro­longed online use.

So if you’re brows­ing the

If you don’t know what your mo­bile in­ter­net plan al­lows, you’d bet­ter find out

in­ter­net on your smart­phone, down­load­ing apps, send­ing emails, down­load­ing videos, chat­ting or up­dat­ing so­cial net­work pro­files, you could re­ceive an un­ex­pect­edly high bill that can to­tal your sav­ings ac­count.

To re­duce the pos­si­bil­ity of that trauma, check with your phone com­pany to find out what your data lim­its are a month, and how much it will cost if you ex­ceed them.

Smart­phones al­low you to check and track your data us­age ei­ther on your phone or by call­ing a des­ig­nated num­ber.

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