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THERE must have been a time when Katey Sa­gal thought she would be for­ever stereo­typed as Peg Bundy on Mar­ried With Chil­dren. But she’s fi­nally bro­ken free. This year, Sa­gal, 57, won a Golden Globe for her sear­ing por­trayal of bikie ma­tri­arch Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons of An­ar­chy. Also an ac­com­plished singer, Sa­gal has re­leased two solo al­bums, done back- up vo­cals for Bob Dy­lan and Bette Mi­dler, and is the voice of Leela on Fu­tu­rama. Q. Gemma is one tough char­ac­ter. How did you get the role? A. My hus­band [ Sons of An­ar­chy cre­ator Kurt Sut­ter] had talked about try­ing to find some­thing to do to­gether. He wrote the char­ac­ter with me in mind. Q. What do you make of Gemma? A. Gemma is a sur­vivor. My sense of her is that she grew up in Charm­ing, ran away from home when she was about 15, and hooked up with this mo­tor­cy­cle club. I did re­search on mo­tor­cy­cle cul­ture. It is a pretty misog­y­nist world she lives in, but she is the queen bee. Q. Do you miss do­ing come­dies? A. I loved all 11 years of Mar­ried With Chil­dren, but now I’m do­ing Gemma I love that. I’m not yearn­ing to be funny. Q. Any mu­sic plans? A. I’m toy­ing with the idea of record­ing some songs that would be a new CD. I have a band, I play around lo­cally. I love to sing. Q. What was it like be­ing a back- up singer for Bob Dy­lan? A. Bob Dy­lan fired me. I was 19 and I was so starstruck be­ing in the same room with him I could barely speak, let alone do my job. Q. You have three kids. What sort of mum are you? A. Chil­dren al­ways need their mummy. What is great about my job is that I ba­si­cally work in the sum­mer months, so I have the school year off. Q. When the pub­lic recog­nise you, is it be­cause of Peg Bundy or Gemma? A. Lately it’s more Sons of An­ar­chy and Fu­tu­rama.

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