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HOW will fu­ture gen­er­a­tions judge us for the mas­sive box- of­fice love we’ve shown Adam San­dler over the years?

Look, we can bang on all we like about how gen­uinely funny his early stuff was and how sur­pris­ingly great the shouty co­me­dian was in the oc­ca­sional qui­etly se­ri­ous role.

But if his­to­ri­ans choose to haul out lat­ter- day San­dler burnt of­fer­ings, such as Just Go With It and Grown Ups as ex­am­ples of his work, then we are toast.

Yep, San­dler is farm­ing out the tur­keys these days and he’s in par­tic­u­larly bad form in the all- new, same- old Jack And Jill.

How bad? Ed­die- Mur­phy- in- mul­ti­ple-roles bad. Told you we are toast.

San­dler plays the scar­ily iden­ti­cal twins Jack and Jill Sadel­stein. Jack is a with- it, well- to- do di­rec­tor of TV com­mer­cials. Jill is a with­out- a- clue fatty who will say, do and eat any­thing, as long as it is embarrassing to all mankind.

Yikes. Now while this movie was never, ever go­ing to be a pretty pic­ture, it still comes as a shock to re­alise how lit­tle ef­fort has been made to cover up its ugly side.

The on­go­ing con­flict be­tween Jack and Jill – he hates her, she loves him – just does not bring the funny.

The in­ter­play be­tween Mr and Miss San­dler in­vari­ably comes off as too mean ( and later, when Jack re­alises what an ace dame Jill re­ally has been all along, too mawk­ish).

As for San­dler’s han­dling of his dou­bled du­ties, let’s just say that nei­ther is up to snuff. Jack is a 24- carat jerk. Jill is, quite frankly, a mess.

San­dler doesn’t even bother go­ing with a vaguely fem­i­nised voice. His bear­ing as Jill is just a big pas­sive- ag­gres­sive shrug, one that says to the au­di­ence in no un­cer­tain terms: ‘‘ Yeah, so it’s dumb old me in a dumb old dress. So what? Just shut up and laugh al­ready, suck as.’’

Find­ing any­thing to openly chor­tle at be­comes a tougher ask with each pass­ing sec­ond in Jack And Jill.

In des­per­a­tion, San­dler ap­pears to have se­cured cameo favours from any un­wit­ting celebs who do not have caller ID on their phones. So you get John Mcen­roe be­rat­ing some­one for not be­liev­ing in God; Shaquille O’neal try­ing to un­wrap a su­per­mar­ket ham with his teeth; and in a coup of some kind or other, there sits Johnny Depp court­side at a Lak­ers game and wear­ing a Justin Bieber T- shirt.

Which brings us, lastly, and leastly, to Al Pa­cino. The dec­o­rated ac­tor de­serves ei­ther a gold medal or a lot of post­trau­matic ther­apy for agree­ing to do every­thing San­dler asks of him here.

Play­ing him­self, Pa­cino car­ries a ma­jor chunk of the plot all the way to the garbage dump when he falls head- over­heels in love with Jill. Jack And Jill Now show­ing Vil­lage Cine­mas

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