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OLD Spice Guy and Rick­rolling are so last year. Each year brings a new crop of vi­ral memes, im­age macro se­ries and email jokes that make the rounds via email, blog and fan site.

Be­fore the in­ter­net, memes trav­elled via word of mouth. We called them a mem­o­rable story, fa­ble, para­ble, joke, ex­pres­sion of speech, old wives’ tale or ur­ban myth.

But online, memes move faster. Via email for­wards, in­stant mes­sages, web page links, Twit­ter Retweets and Face­book Like but­tons, they are shared in­stantly around the world.

The rise of vi­ral memes has grown ex­po­nen­tially with Tum­blr’s sin­gle- topic blog spe­cialty and Flickr photo sets.

Sin­gle- topic photo blogs are fre­quently up­dated with theme- spe­cific me­dia con­tent and user- gen­er­ated con­tri­bu­tions ( like Lol­cats and Lame­book).

Re­becca Black:


When her mu­sic video

ex­ploded across the in­ter­net, the over­whelm­ing dis­dain of the pub­lic for a 13- year- old girl and her ditzy pop tune be­came a hot topic later when Black was used as an ex­am­ple of a vic­tim of cy­ber­bul­ly­ing.

www. re­bec­ca­black­on­line. com

Damn You Auto Cor­rect:

Auto- cor­rect is sup­posed to be a mo­bile phone user’s safe­guard against text mes­sages rid­dled with spell­ing er­rors, but in this case tech­nol­ogy comes back to bite them.

www. damny­ouau­to­cor­rect. com

Fem­i­nist Ryan Gosling:

The Cana­dian ac­tor is a dream come true for the think­ing wo­man, when pic­tures of his dreamy face are paired with text in which he sweet talks ladies with ref­er­ences to fem­i­nist the­ory.

www. fem­i­nistryan­gosling. tum­blr. com

First World prob­lems:

Up­set­ting sit­u­a­tions faced by priv­i­leged peo­ple in wealthy coun­tries are the po­lar op­po­site of Third World prob­lems. This photo meme com­bines a melo­dra­matic stock im­age with some type­face ex­pla­na­tion, send­ing up triv­ial in­con­ve­niences as melo­dra­matic tragedies. www. the­re­al­first­world­prob­lems. tum­blr. com

Pep­per Spray Cop:

The Oc­cupy Wall Street (# OWS) protest move­ment around the world has been widely pho­tographed and spawned memes of its own, in­clud­ing Pep­per Spray Cop, which takes an alarm­ing im­age of UC Davis Po­lice of­fi­cer Lieu­tenant John Pike ca­su­ally pep­per spray­ing a line of un­mov­ing stu­dents at an Oc­cupy protest on cam­pus and pastes it into many clas­sic paint­ings.

www. pep­per­spray­ing­cop. tum­blr. com

Source: Ex­pe­rian Hit­wise Aus­tralia


Plank­ing is a DIY photo meme based on the ‘‘ ly­ing down game’’, in which peo­ple tak­ing pho­tos of them­selves ly­ing flat as a board on top of im­prac­ti­cal things.

www. plankingaus­tralia. com. au

We Are the 99%:

An­other # OWS meme, in which peo­ple pho­to­graph them­selves hold­ing hand- writ­ten de­scrip­tions of their dis­ad­van­taged sit­u­a­tions.

www. wearethe99per­cent. tum­blr. com


When Char­lie Sheen re­belled against his Two boss Chuck Lorre, he plum­meted into a mes­meris­ing men­tal health cri­sis that spawned meme upon meme, from ‘‘ Win­ning’’ to ‘‘ Tiger Blood’’ and ‘‘ Ado­nis DNA’’.

www. char­liesheen. com

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