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Top ten Google queries.

WITH each year comes a bevy of new in­ter­net fads, memes and high- rank­ing sto­ries.

Google Zeit­geist 2011 has ex­am­ined the top search terms of the year, from ‘‘ Steve Jobs’’ to ‘‘ Google+’’, and re­leased the con­tent online.

‘‘ As we leave the year be­hind, we’re tak­ing a look at the big­gest events, news, and peo­ple who shaped the year,’’ the site ex­plains. ‘‘ We an­a­lysed the bil­lions of queries that were typed into Google over the year to give you a glimpse of 2011, as seen through the lenses of Google searches.’’

What did the online world want to know about this year? The re­sults may sur­prise you and per­haps even dis­ap­point you.

With Google Zeit­geist, you can also per­son­alise the web search his­tory.

Want to take a glimpse at your own web ac­tiv­ity over the year, in­clud­ing top queries and peak ac­tiv­ity times?

Log into ‘‘ web his­tory’’ with your Google ac­count and click on the ‘‘ trends’’ tab for a fun look at your queries and brows­ing his­tory over time.

As we are all com­ing to re­alise, what hap­pens online stays online in­def­i­nitely. Best be care­ful what you search for.

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