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Di­rec­tors: Mans Mar­lind, Bjorn Stein Stars: Kate Beck­in­sale, In­dia Eis­ley, Stephen Rea, Charles Dance, Theo James

Not a lot to Ly­can

KATE Beck­in­sale has been around the

Un­der­world block so many times now, she could do it in her sleep. So it is fit­ting her per­for­mance in

Awak­en­ing is a rather drowsy ef­fort. When Beck­in­sale is called upon to carve up a weird beast or throw a mere mor­tal off the side of a build­ing, such acts are com­pleted with an un­mis­tak­able air of tired an­noy­ance.

The poor lovey prob­a­bly just wants to get back to her trailer and get out of that suf­fo­cat­ing skin- tight cat suit.

But first, there’s an­other thud­ding great body count of Ly­cans to be pumped full of sil­ver bul­lets by Beck­in­sale’s vampire avenger Se­lene.

She’s been cool­ing off in a cryo­genic freezer for the past 12 years, by the way. So she does have some catch­ing up and shoot­ing down to do – es­pe­cially now that hu­man be­ings are no longer the in­no­cent by­standers they were in ear­lier

Un­der­world out­ings. Turns out us Homo sapi­ens are none too pleased about the blood­suck­ers and were­wolves brawl­ing in our midst, and are only too happy to kill the things on sight. Any other vi­tal need- to- know info in the

Un­der­world world? Not re­ally. There’s this vi­cious lit­tle were­wolf-vampire hy­brid ( In­dia Eis­ley) that needs to be res­cued from the clutches of a gnarly ge­netic en­gi­neer ( Stephen Rea).

Se­lene feels strangely pro­tec­tive of the child for rea­sons you can­not quite de­ter­mine ( though view­ers soon will).

Oh, and there’s a new posh- talk­ing king of the Dracs ( Charles Dance) who doesn’t like Se­lene much.

How­ever, his hunky son ( Theo James) is not afraid to think dif­fer­ently.

Not that Se­lene could give two hoots, once she learns her old Ly­can boyfriend Michael was on ice right be­side her dur­ing her dozen- year snooze.

Michael stays off- screen for most of the film, but he’ll def­i­nitely be back next se­quel. What about you?

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