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Q: You were the first per­son cast in Subur­ga­tory. I imag­ine it must have been ex­cit­ing to see it tak­ing shape around you? A: It’s been that whole way through this en­tire project, ev­ery month I’m de­light­fully sur­prised by some­thing. I’m so new that in a way it’s a bless­ing be­cause I don’t have any ex­pec­ta­tions about stuff but at the be­gin­ning I was like, ‘ What? I’m go­ing to be on a pi­lot? What? What?’ Ev­ery time some­one signed on I would think ‘ Oh my God’, and then once the pi­lot got picked up it was an­other ‘ Holy crap’. Then once I saw the episodes and saw they were so much bet­ter than I ever thought they could be, well, that’s how this whole process has been. I am thrilled more and more as time goes on. FOR too- cool- for- school teenager Tessa Alt­man, be­ing yanked away from the con­crete jun­gle of New York City and placed in the cookie- cut­ter life­style of sub­ur­bia by her over- pro­tec­tive sin­gle dad is her ver­sion of hell. Hence the ti­tle of the sit­com that doc­u­ments Tessa’s tri­als and tribu­la­tions as she tries to make the most of her shiny, happy, new sur­round­ings: Subur­ga­tory. Q: Ner­vous too, I’m guess­ing? A: Yes, I was ex­tremely ner­vous. I re­mem­ber af­ter the first day, and I know this sounds crazy, I was con­vinced to the point that no one could con­vince me oth­er­wise that I was go­ing to be fired. I was so cer­tain I had messed ev­ery­thing up. The whole be­gin­ning of this process was so crazy and made me so ner­vous that I didn’t have a sane out­look on things. But now that I’m start­ing to set­tle in and I’ve learned so much it’s be­com­ing fun. Q: You do re­alise that most ac­tors don’t just ar­rive in Hol­ly­wood and start work­ing im­me­di­ately as you did, right? A: Yeah, I know. Of course it’s about luck. Q: So how would you sum up Tessa and her sit­u­a­tion? A: My char­ac­ter is re­ally a fish out of water. I think she’s smart and funny and try­ing to find her foot­ing in this crazy world but I also think she’s wise enough to know that her dad means well. I don’t think she’s just ‘ I hate this place’. She loves her dad, he’s the only fam­ily mem­ber she has. And even though she’s up­set and she feels so out of place, she trusts him.

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