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Stars: Sara Pax­ton, Dustin Milligan

Di­rec­tor: David R.


Avail­able: Now on DVD and BD

has ru­ined me for other shark films but at least with B- grade genre flicks there’s some fun to be had at the ex­pense of all their ridiculousness. Then there’s this – oh dear. It fol­lows a band of col­lege friends – isn’t it al­ways the way? – who, while on a week­end at their friend’s lake house, cop it from a va­ri­ety of shark species. It’s crazy stupid, with its jump­ing sharks and mind- numb­ing sub- plot­ting. Even the spe­cial ef­fects fail to jazz up what is es­sen­tially a se­ries of ‘‘ death- byshark’’ mo­ments.

Ex­tras: ½ Shark facts, di­rec­tor and spe­cial ef­fects fea­turettes.

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