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★★★ Di­rec­tor: John Mad­den ( Shake­speare in Love ) Stars: Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Mag­gie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Celia Im­rie, Dev Pa­tel Cosy, fa­mil­iar and rel­a­tively ac­com­mo­dat­ing WHEN it came time for pro­duc­ers to slap a name on this pleas­ant, pen­sioner- pow­ered Bri­tish en­sem­ble com­edy, all the best ti­tles were gone.

That Liam Nee­son blood­bath with the wolves and the ice got in first with

The Grey. The log­i­cal sec­ond choice, Love

Geri­atri­cally, had to be with­drawn for copy­right rea­sons.

And let’s all be thank­ful they didn’t go with Eat, Pray, Lie Down.

The easy- to- fol­low, no- need- to- swal­low plot of The Best Ex­otic Marigold Ho­tel cen­tres on a seven- strong posse of past- it Poms. All have been suck­ered into liv­ing out their re­main­ing days at a ritzy re­tire­ment home in Jaipur, In­dia.

But, as they dis­cover on ar­rival, said home is not in the least bit ritzy at all.

The Best Ex­otic Marigold Ho­tel, as it bills it­self, turns out to be as old and run­down as the new res­i­dents them­selves.

To be hon­est, the slen­der story told here ( based on the Deb­o­rah Mog­gach book

These Fool­ish Things ) is not the rea­son why many ma­ture- age view­ers will have them­selves a fine time with this movie.

No, it’s chance to see an ex­ten­sive ar­ray of Eng­land’s finest weather- beaten thes­pi­ans act­ing up a storm at close quar­ters.

Each ex­pe­ri­enced player is wily enough to find the real char­ac­ter in­side the reel­ing car­i­ca­tures they have agreed to play.

There’s the Wid­owed One ( Judi Dench), the Mis­er­ably Mar­ried Ones ( Bill Nighy and Pene­lope Wil­ton), a Gen­tle­manly Gay One ( Tom Wilkinson), a cou­ple of Randy Ones ( Celia Im­rie and Ron­ald Pickup), and a Fussy Racist One ( Mag­gie Smith, Down­ton

Abbey’s queen of the dis­ap­prov­ing stare). Stereo­types one and all but not one ever quite out­stays their wel­come. The same can­not be said of Slum­dog

Mil­lion­aire star Dev Pa­tel, whose corny por­trayal of the shonky young ho­tel op­er­a­tor Sonny be­longs in a bad tele­vi­sion Brit- com from the ’ 70s.

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