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I KNOW, I know. No use ask­ing why the heck they made an­other Ghost Rider.

It’s hap­pened, OK? Learn to live with it, and go look for some­thing else to watch al­ready. Of course, the se­quel Ghost Rider: Spirit of

Vengeance emits such a puffy, poi­sonous cloud of bad- film- ish- ness that you can only hope it dis­perses be­fore it makes it near the ozone layer.

No joke. Stuff this toxic could put a hole in it the size of Rus­sia.

So what has Johnny Blaze ( Ni­co­las Cage, pic­tured) been up to since we caught up last? Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The good news is that ex- stunt­man Johnny – still sort- of sid­ing with Satan af­ter all these years so his dad won’t die – no longer holds a mas­ters de­gree in Be­ing An All- Round Jerk.

The bad news is that Mr Blaze now holds a PHD in this dif­fi­cult dis­ci­pline.

Johnny has been asked by a Har­ley- rid­ing mys­tic monk ( Idris Elba) to save a gifted young kid from get­ting jabbed with a tri­dent by El Di­ablo him­self ( Ciaran Hinds).

The rest, I’m afraid to re­port, is a blur. That’s mainly be­cause I had to take off my 3D glasses when the crummy ef­fects started giv­ing me a ma­jor headache.

A note for old High­lander fans: a brief walk- on spot by a spec­tac­u­larly tat­tooed Christopher Lam­bert is the best thing hap­pen­ing here.

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