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Stars: Naomi Klein

Di­rec­tor: Mat Whitecross, Michael Win­ter­bot­tom

Avail­able: Now on DVD When it comes to global eco­nom­ics, the US just can’t help them­selves in try­ing to im­pose their own cap­i­tal­ist sys­tems and dereg­u­la­tory ways ev­ery­where they can. The dodgy part, though, is that it is of­ten at times of great cri­sis that it is im­ple­mented and at the ex­pense of a coun­try’s democ­racy. This, in turn, causes great wealth im­bal­ance. And that ain’t cool. That’s the gist of this in­volved and mad­den­ing doco about ‘‘ the shock doc­trine’’, which spells out the dan­gers and dis­as­trous eco­nomic con­se­quences.

Ex­tras: ★★ ½ Dis­cus­sion piece with the di­rec­tors and Shock Doc­trine au­thor Naomi Klein.

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