The dudes of der­ring- do

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Di­rec­tor: Mike Mccoy, Scott Waugh Stars: Emilio Rivera, Rose­lyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, Nestor Ser­rano

Miss miss, bang bang. HERE is a film of bits and pieces. Shift your gaze from the good bits for no more than a nanosec­ond and the whole thing falls to pieces.

An ut­terly bizarre war flick, Act of Valor is a wacko ex­per­i­ment in US mil­i­tary re­cruit­ing that ap­pears to have blown up in Hol­ly­wood’s face.

Film­mak­ers Mike Mccoy and Scott Waugh ( who bill them­selves on their busi­ness cards as The Ban­dito Broth­ers) were tapped by Un­cle Sam to crank out a com­mer­cial cel­e­bra­tion of all- Amer­i­can fire­power.

They were free to use all the tanks, guns, boats and planes they wanted, so long as some glam­our was be­stowed upon the life of an ev­ery­day grunt.

Some­where along the line, this PR project has mu­tated into a fic­tion­alised fea­ture film – with real- life Navy SEALS play­ing the lead roles.

These dudes of der­ring- do have sup­pos­edly had their names sup­pressed from the cred­its be­cause they are still reg­u­larly de­ployed on se­cret mis­sions.

It’s more likely the move was made to stop them be­ing prank- called for the rest of their lives by kids who know bad act­ing when they see it.

These un­trained thes­pi­ans are not just wear­ing fa­tigues. They are wear­ing down the au­di­ence into a state of fa­tigue as well.

The poor fel­lows re­cite their lines like kid­nap vic­tims forced to read ran­som com­mands to a video cam­era. You feel for them while hav­ing no con­cept of what they must be go­ing through.

Thank­fully, the pa­per- thin plot­ting is reg­u­larly steam­rolled by some in­cred­i­bly au­then­tic and gen­uinely ex­cit­ing ex­tended combat se­quences. Though the Ban­dito Broth­ers lunk- head­edly film these skir­mishes like a first- per­son- shooter video game, there’s no mis­tak­ing the mag­nif­i­cent fight­ing skills up there on the screen.

If you don’t mind your movies as sub­tle as a mon­ster truck be­ing driven through a re­tire­ment home, then Act of Valor will make the aching wait for the re­lease of

The Ex­pend­ables 2 go that lit­tle bit faster.

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