Un­likely af­fair has real ap­peal

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AU­DREY Tautou has al­most used up all ac­crued good­will as the go- to girl for feel- good French quirk­ery.

Re­mem­ber, it has been more than a decade now since her Amelie break­through.

Nev­er­the­less, her perky pres­ence is enough to stop the floaty, feather- light premise of Del­i­cacy from ever hit­ting the floor.

Tautou plays Nathalie, an of­fice worker who – be­fore fate in­ter­vened – was once per­fectly con­tent in the knowl­edge she had found her soul mate.

Years later, Nathalie has fo­cused ex­clu­sively on her ca­reer. Not even the sleazy over­tures of her boss are go­ing to stop her from get­ting to where she wants to be.

That is un­til she im­pul­sively plants a kiss on Markus ( Fran­cois Damiens), a fel­low em­ployee who is Swedish and re­garded around the water cooler as a bit of a doo­fus.

There is an un­gainly chem­istry shared by Tautou and Damiens that never wears out its wel­come here.

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