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THE Xbox Live Ar­cade store has been dish­ing out some en­gag­ing down­load­able treats of late and this game is an­other sur­prise ad­di­tion.

Mix­ing two of video gam­ing’s sta­ples – a post- apoc­a­lyp­tic set­ting and the sur­vival- hor­ror genre – I Amalive is a dark tale of one man’s strug­gle to be re­united with his wife and daugh­ter fol­low­ing a cat­a­clysmic earth­quake and en­su­ing deadly dust storm that has re­duced the US to noth­ing more than waste­lands.

Play­ing as ev­ery­day guy Adam, you’ll need to fight oth­ers to stay alive, scav­enge for pre­cious sup­plies and hone your climb­ing skills to sur­vive.

Pro­gress­ing through the game you oc­ca­sion­ally en­counter other sur­vivors. Some will ask for help and you can choose to as­sist in re­turn for a re­ward. Other more hos­tile sur­vivors will try to en­gage you in combat. Weapons are limited and am­mu­ni­tion even scarcer, so some con­fronta­tions are to avoid by back­ing away, or al­ter­na­tively you can bluff en­e­mies by point­ing an empty gun at them.

Con­sid­er­ing how few and far be­tween these en­coun­ters take place over­all, it was dis­ap­point­ing to see the same sit­u­a­tions and sce­nar­ios re­peated through­out the game. In be­tween, most of your time is spent in soli­tude ex­plor­ing de­crepit lo­cales for clues and items, plus climb­ing up, and swing­ing over, hard- to- reach places.

One of the game’s twists is the stamina me­tre. De­plete all your en­ergy mid­way through a climb, for ex­am­ple, and you fall to your death, so man­ag­ing this re­source is an­other im­por­tant as­pect of stay­ing alive.

I Amalive’s vi­su­als con­sist of a mostly grey pal­ette, com­bined with an ex­ces­sive amount of blurry, depth of field ef­fects. It cer­tainly sets a de­fined tone, although some va­ri­ety wouldn’t have gone astray.

While the var­i­ous quests are limited in scope, and there’s a lit­tle too much rep­e­ti­tion, I Amalive still man­ages to of­fer a unique ex­pe­ri­ence that is eas­ily worth the bud­get price tag.

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