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Stars: Liam Nee­son, Der­mot Mul­roney

Direc­tor: Joe Carnahan

Avail­able: Now on DVD and BD It’s a tough ask to make a killer wolf movie into some­thing more than a ho- hum genre flick, but direc­tor Joe Carnahan achieves the un­likely here with his tale about a posse of tough oil work­ers from a downed plane who have to sur­vive the el­e­ments and a pack of ter­ri­to­rial wolves. Liam Nee­son again proves he’s got the chops for ac­tion in this kill- or- be-killed thriller and the in­tense emo­tional drama be­tween the wellex­e­cuted killer wolf scenes is nicely han­dled. Extras: A se­ries of short fea­turettes on the film’s ex­treme weather con­di­tions, Liam Nee­son’s in­volve­ment and the man ver­sus na­ture themes.

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