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RRP: $ 99.95 ( Re­viewed on Xbox 360)

D2674204 COM­PARED with the sweat-in­duc­ing non- stop ac­tion of mil­i­tary shoot­ers such as Bat­tle­field 3 and the

Call of Duty games, the Ghost Re­con se­ries is like a stroll in park – al­beit a dan­ger­ous one.

Cast­ing aside city- lev­el­ling ex­po­si­tions and an all- guns- blaz­ing ap­proach, the long- run­ning Ghost

Re­con fran­chise is renowned for its em­pha­sis on tac­ti­cal plan­ning, team­work and self- control.

It’s an in­tel­li­gent game that re­wards strate­gic game­play. And while there are plenty of ex­hil­a­rat­ing fire- fights to test your itchy trig­ger fin­ger, the key is care­fully plan­ning each en­counter and co- or­di­nat­ing the ef­forts of your team.

This lat­est spin on the se­ries has your squad of sol­diers kit­ted out with hard­ware of the near fu­ture, such as in­vis­i­ble cam­ou­flage suits, drones, and ro­botic tanks that fire mor­tars and mis­siles on com­mand.

The con­cept has that slightly plau­si­ble yet sat­is­fy­ingly sci- fi feel to it.

Fu­ture Sol­dier serves up an abun­dance of weaponry, with seem­ingly end­less in­ter­change­able trig­gers, scopes, stocks, and other ac­ces­sories to suit your pre­ferred play­ing style.

But ac­cess­ing fu­tur­is­tic toys is only part of the fun. It’s all about how those toys en­hance the tac­ti­cal ap­proach.

Ac­tive cloak­ing tech­nol­ogy gives you and your squad stealth- like abil­i­ties to sneak around un­de­tected, while your heads- up dis­play al­lows you to tag spe­cific en­e­mies from a safe dis­tance.

You can even tag groups of en­e­mies and then co- or­di­nate your team to take them all down si­mul­ta­ne­ously.

Th­ese syn­chro­nised at­tacks are par­tic­u­larly sat­is­fy­ing dur­ing mul­ti­player games, where you can make the most of all your hi- tech kit.

Aside from its cliched and mostly for­get­table cast and sto­ry­line, Ghost Re­con: Fu­ture Sol­dier of­fers solid com­bat game­play that re­wards thought­ful ac­tion as much as skilled marks­man­ship. If you’ve been seek­ing a more in­tel­li­gent al­ter­na­tive in the shooter mar­ket, be sure to set your crosshairs on this one.

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