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WHO’D have thought one of the best crowd- pleas­ing come­dies of 2012 would ex­plore a grown man’s bong- huff­ing bond to his child­hood teddy bear?

The key to Ted, as it’s sur­re­ally goofy plot­ting sim­ply de­mands, is not to think at all.

The ti­tle char­ac­ter is a plush toy with a trash mouth, voiced by direc­tor Seth MacFar­lane ( cre­ator of the an­i­mated TV hit Fam­ily Guy).

Ted gained his magic abil­ity to walk and talk as a result of a wish made by John ( Mark Wahlberg, pic­tured) when he was a lonely 8- year- old boy.

As the film gets go­ing, John is now a 35- yearold boy with a long- term girl­friend, Lori ( Mila Kunis). Ted is now a mid­dle- aged bear who drinks, smokes and says what­ever crosses his cot­ton- wool- stuffed mind.

While John and Lori have been an item for four years, John and Ted are a team for life.

You can see where this is head­ing, surely? Lori is a woman want­ing to take the next step.

How much longer can she stand around wait­ing for John to get back from the bar with his leery lit­tle cud­dle- buddy?

The sight of men- chil­dren re­sist­ing grown- up is­sues like com­mit­ment and get­ting a real job ( John clerks for a rental car out­fit) are nec­es­sary evils in a movie like this.

Know­ing full well that such real- life drudgery could put the slows on Ted, MacFar­lane hides or rushes as much of it as he can.

It turns out be a wise move. Ted’s co­pi­ous abil­ity to al­ter­nately shock and amuse with graphic, gross and gen­uinely hi­lar­i­ous gag­gery is not to be un­der- es­ti­mated.

I, for one, never thought I’d be con­fronted with the sight of a teddy bear en­joy­ing re­la­tions with a su­per­mar­ket check­out chick.

Nor would I have thought that same bear would be hold­ing his own in the most bizarre and gung- ho fight scene in re­cent mem­ory ( Wahlberg de­serves some kind of medal for the gusto with which he en­dures a heavy pum­melling at the hands of his 500g co- star).

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