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KYLIE Gil­lies has done it all. She has been the face of the Prime coun­try TV net­work, the news pre­sen­ter of Chan­nel 7’ s Sportsworld, a re­porter for Seven’s Aus­tralian Open ten­nis cov­er­age, and sports pre­sen­ter on Week­end Sun­rise. The mother- of- two has fronted Sun­rise and Seven News, been a com­peti­tor on Danc­ing with the Stars ( she fin­ished third) and won a Walk­ley Award. But the jill- of- all- trades has found her home on Seven’s The Morn­ing Show op­po­site Larry Em­dur, where she is re­ported to be earn­ing about half of Em­dur’s $ 800,000 pay packet.

Q: How did the op­por­tu­nity to co- host The Morn­ing Show come about? A: Lisa Wilkin­son orig­i­nally had the job. She was go­ing to do the show with Larry but then she got the To­day Show ( Chan­nel 9). I was in the right place at the right time. God bless Lisa Wilkin­son.

Q: Were you ex­cited or a bit scared when you got the of­fer? A: It was a 180- de­gree change of di­rec­tion for me be­cause I’d worked so heav­ily in news and sport. I didn’t know if I’d be up to it.

Q: Larry has said there are some days you two don’t get along. What causes the fric­tion? A: Larry and I are great friends, TV mates and mates off- screen as well. Some days he can be like an an­noy­ing big brother and I’m sure I’m like an an­noy­ing lit­tle sis­ter to him. What peo­ple say they like about us on telly is that it does seem very real the good, the bad and the ugly. Q: You re­cently made fun of the sub­stan­tial pay dif­fer­ence be­tween Larry and you. Surely that an­noys you? A: Not at all. I don’t know what he earns but I’m on record as say­ing ‘‘ good luck to him’’.

Q: What do you en­joy about The Morn­ing Show and what have been the main chal­lenges? A: I en­joy the va­ri­ety. We will in­ter­view ev­ery­one from the Prime Min­is­ter to the lat­est Hol­ly­wood hunk. The chal­lenge in the early days was that I had to loosen up a bit, not be a straight news jour­nal­ist. Larry helped me do that. You’ve also got to be an open book and let peo­ple in a lit­tle bit. That was some­thing I had to come to grips with. Q: It has been three years since you were in Danc­ing with the Stars. How many times have you hit the dance floor since then? A: I don’t hit the dance floor very of­ten but ( dance part­ner) Carmelo Pizzino is a close friend.

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