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TO raise a baby is to raze one’s high- fly­ing life­style to the ground.

This is all there is to be gleaned from A Happy Event, a trite light drama from France list­ing the per­ils of first- time par­ent­ing for Parisian hip­sters.

In a pacy open­ing act, at­trac­tive young cou­ple Bar­bara ( Louise Bour­goin) and Nic ( Pio Mar­mai, both pic­tured) meet and mate in near- world- record time.

Then comes the mop­ing, wave af­ter wave of which will break and then re­treat for the rest of the pic­ture.

The engine goes on Barb and Nic’s sex drive. They have to stay in a lot. The baby cries a lot. Ev­ery­one gives them the wrong kind of right ad­vice. A lot. Should there be a Hol­ly­wood re­make – and word has it one is very much on the cards – it would not be a stretch to see this ve­hi­cle as an easy ride for Katherine Heigl and some non- de­script bloke.

That should be warn­ing enough of how much of a non- event A Happy Event turns out to be.

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