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New fit­ness gad­gets can help you fight off win­ter weight gain, writes Jen­nifer DudleyNicholson

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FIT­BIT UL­TRA Fit­Bit, $ 119.95, fit­bit. com

★★★★★■ The Fit­Bit Ul­tra might look like a pe­dome­ter but it tracks so much more than your steps. This 11g, 5.5cm gad­get clips on to clothes to track your ev­ery move, from the steps you take to the stairs you climb, the calo­ries you burn and the dis­tance you cover. With a press of its one but­ton, it dis­plays the re­sults, though users can up­load stats to Fit­Bit’s data­base, where it will show your progress in daily, weekly and monthly graphs. The Fit­Bit Ul­tra works us­ing a three- axis mo­tion sen­sor and you can even wear it to bed and track how deeply you’ve slept based on your move­ment. It lacks wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity to its phone app but fit Aussies, or those who want to be fit Aussies, will love it.

FIT­BIT ARIA Fit­Bit, $ 149.95, fit­bit. com

★★★★★■ Track­ing your weight is not of­ten a pleas­ant task but at least it’s not dif­fi­cult with Fit­Bit’s new­est prod­uct. The Fit­Bit Aria scales are not only ad­vanced enough to reg­is­ter your weight, re­port on your body fat and cal­cu­late your body mass in­dex, but they will con­nect to a wire­less net­work to au­to­mat­i­cally sync the in­for­ma­tion to your Fit­Bit ac­count. Thank­fully, the data is pri­vate by de­fault. These scales are also smart enough to recog­nise up to eight dif­fer­ent users, log­ging sta­tis­tics in­di­vid­u­ally. Set­ting up the Aria scales is easy – its four AA bat­ter­ies arrive in place and a free down­load helps you es­tab­lish a Fit­Bit ac­count with re­sults shown on the web.

MO­TOACTV 8GB Mo­torola, $ 291, ex­pan­sys. com. au

★★★★★■ Mo­torola may not have of­fi­cially launched its fit­ness gad­get Down Un­der, but it’s sneak­ing in the back door. The Mo­toActv fit­ness tracker is a small, square de­vice with a 1.6- inch touch­screen used to show the time, your step count and calo­ries burned. Touch this screen and you can ac­cess many other fea­tures as this de­vice can track your work­outs in de­tail – whether run­ning or walk­ing – de­liver mu­sic and even con­nect to a Google An­droid smart­phone by Blue­tooth to de­liver in­com­ing call alerts, text mes­sages, Face­book and Twit­ter up­dates or weather in­for­ma­tion. Its wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity makes it a stand­out from the pack.

AFTERSHOKZ SPORT AfterShokz, $ 129.95, vol­ume­store. com. au

★★★★■ These fit­ness head­phones are so unique they don’t even go inside your ears. This AfterShokz head­set in­stead rests just out­side your ear canal, on your jaw­bone, and de­liv­ers mu­sic to your brain us­ing bone- con­duc­tion tech­nol­ogy. Mer­ci­fully, it’s not as painful as it sounds. The orange pads on these head­phones play mu­sic into your ear canal with vi­bra­tion, by­pass­ing your ear. Block your ears with your fin­gers and you’ll still hear mu­sic. This means you can lis­ten to mu­sic and still hear ev­ery­thing around you, mak­ing them great for pedes­tri­ans and of­fice work­ers. The vi­bra­tion is pow­ered by a recharge­able bat­tery and ba­sic mu­sic con­trols fea­ture on its in- line con­trol.

MON­STER IS­PORT Con­voy In­ter­na­tional, $ 199, ehifi. com. au

★★★★■ Not all ear­buds make good ex­er­cise part­ners. Keep­ing the minia­ture speak­ers inside your ear can be a se­ri­ous chal­lenge, par­tic­u­larly dur­ing high- in­ten­sity, sweaty work­outs. Mon­ster has taken a run at solv­ing this is­sue with the iS­port Im­mer­sion In- Ear Head­phones. Their big­gest ad­di­tion is a flap con­nected to each ear­bud which Mon­ster calls a Sport­sClip that sits inside the ridge of your ear, hold­ing the bud in place. Four ex­tra pairs arrive with the head­phones, to suit all ears. Mon­ster also de­liv­ers ex­tra ear­bud tips, a flat ca­ble for fewer tan­gles and an in- line re­mote con­trol to change vol­ume or pause songs, plus these head­phones are sweat- proof and even wash­able.

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